3 Technical Considerations to Choose a Watch Winder Billstone
3 Technical Considerations to Choose a Watch Winder Billstone

3 Technical Considerations to Choose a Watch Winder Billstone

Using a watch winder billstone can be an essential investment if you have some watch collections. You do not want to make a wrong choice so it is better to consider these three technical aspects when choosing one.

Turns Per Day and Direction of Rotation

First thing first, the watch winder billstone cannot be separated from rotation since it is the key point of this product. That is why when choosing a watch winder product, you need to make sure that the unit can maintain its power to reserve your watches. Remember, each type of watch you have is equipped with a different caliber.

You can find some types of winding motor capability of rotation. You can find the clockwise and anticlockwise rotation direction of the watch winder. There is also a watch winder with bidirectional revolutions.

If you think that you are done with the rotation direction, you are not. The rotation direction will be associated with the turns per day number setting. You can set it with precision by ensuring the rotation direction.

Latency Period

Nowadays, people are very familiar with automatic watches. The mechanism in your automatic watch allows the clock to rotate at all times. The reason why you need to keep them in the watch winder billstone is to make sure that the watch power reserve can be maintained. You do not want to exhaust the automatic mechanism of the watch before it should be.

That is why you must not forget to consider the latency period when choosing a watch winder. It is recommended to keep the regular latency period in the cycles of revolution. The watch winder should be able to maintain the revolution until your watch has been rewound in a complete cycle. The revolutions will be stopped for a few hours to allow the chronograph on the reserve of power. The process will be started all over again.

Strap Size

Last but not least, you will also need to consider the strap size when choosing a watch winder billstone. Why? You need to remember the reason why you buy the watch winder billstone. You want to use it for helping you keep the optimal timekeeping function of the watch and the user comfort when wearing the watch.

In this circumstance, it is essential to choose a watch winder with a flexible holder. It should be able to hold the straps in various sizes since the strap size of the watch you keep in the watch winder billstone might be different.

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